Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hi everyone!

Well, today I want to write about podcasting. A friend and I recorded our first podcast last Saturday. We are in the process of editing the podcast and when finished I will post it here as well as a few other places.

I am really excited about podcasting because I am starting this with a good friend and we had a lot of fun doing it. I know I am just another person amongst probably millions of other, however, I am drawn to content creation and I hope to make it a career.

So this evening I made an investment in a product called, "Pamela". Pamela is a Skype call recorder with a ton of bells and whistles. Yet it is only about $28 and the best part it just works. It allows you to record in many formats depending on the type of editing you want to do post recording.

My friend and I record in .wav format so we can do custom editing. We are in the process of trying out a few different tools which are Reaper and Audacity. Both have their pros and cons, though at this point I think Audacity is going to win out.

As far as the podcast itself we plan to record once a week. We will discuss a host of topics from business, politics, technology, and of course games, more specifically role-playing games. Our plan is to have fun and see where it goes. We will have an outline but other than that we will be free-form.

We plan to add live shows, Twitter feeds for Q&A and video down the road. We want to also include the audience where we will bring in guests via Skype. These shows will feature panel discussions in what we hope will be fun, interactive, and educational.

So I invite everyone to stay tuned over the next few weeks as we launch our podcast. Also, we are still looking for a name if you have any ideas or suggestions leave them in the comments. Thanks!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday RPG Fun

Okay, today is Saturday and its game day. Spent the morning before the game working on a podcast with a friend of mine (more to come on that). Then it was game time. Today's events in Bards Gate were epic.

We were all nearly killed and in the process, we were able to rescue one of our own from the clutches of evil. However, looking back now it seems too easy. I will have to mention this to my traveling companions on G+.

I am beginning to think this was part of the evil clowns' plan and it makes me wonder if we (the party) just became more of his pawns. Well anyway, game day was great and now it is off to date night with the wife.

Stay tuned........

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 3

Well its day three of my living like an RPG. As you may have suspected things are already getting boring. I began to ask myself the question, "Why?". Well role playing games are a social and if I am the only one playing it is not that social.

No one knows, so how do I get others to play the game with me. I believe this will at least bring excitement into the game. Yet I am unsure of how to do that.

Therefore, my idea is this. I will find one person who is willing to try living like an RPG and see if the game gets better.

Here is the catch.....I rolled initiative and won, however when I rolled to charm I rolled an epic fail. A natural '1' and with that a fumble. I am knocked unconscious and will remain unable to charm for 2d8 hours.

Oh well, guess I will have to try another day.

Stay tuned...........

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rolling Initiative

Good Morning March 2nd

I woke up this morning and immediately rolled initiative. The result a '6', so I go first. Up and into the shower. I then rolled my save against conformity. As a level 2 Ranger I needed a 14 to save and as luck would have it I rolled an '11'. Darn, I am forced to shave and conform to society.  

About 20 minutes later I am ready to set off on my mission. A 60 mile trek to the dungeon of corporate America. At the 10 mile mark I rolled a save against stupid drivers. Success a '16' and the road clears in front of me.

As I near one of the larger cities on my journey I roll again against radar delays. Wow a '17' I am on a roll and the traffic speeds up after clearing the radar area.

A short time later I switch from the primary trail to a secondary trail which will take me the majority of the way to my destination. On this trail, travelers can opt to pay the electronic guardian to ride in the path of least resistance.

I roll to save against tolls and I fail miserably. A '4' gets me a $9.25 toll to traverse the 16 miles left on this trail. Though the cost pays off and about 18 minutes later I am merging to the last and smaller trail. I arrive at my destination about 9 minutes later.

Well I have made it to my objective. In the coming hours I will start activities and perform tasks which will soon render many gold pieces. This ends this round and it is now time to roll initiative.

Stay tuned.............

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Living Life like an RPG

What does living life like an RPG mean?

Well as you may have guessed I love playing role-playing games. I play weekly in a Swords and Wizardry group and occasionally I join in a DCC (Dungeon Crawler Classic) game. I also play in different 1e and 5e D&D campaigns.

For the non-gamer D&D and role-playing may be new to you and that is okay. The premise of a role-playing game is this; you as the player take on a persona of a character. As part of the game, you make decisions such as where to go, what to explore and so on.

While playing you often come to a crossroads, whether it is a literal crossroads or say a fight with a dragon which then requires you to roll some dice. The dice help to determine the success or outcome of the choices you have made. The dice can be used to also help you choose a path.

As a result, the game is usually fun and full of laughs. This got me thinking.

What if I lived my life like I was playing a role-playing game?

Could I have the same fun and maybe score some treasure in the process?

For years I have been searching for that passion. Something I could do for a living that I love doing. Well not sure if I could make a living playing RPG's, however, I could live my life like one.

So I am setting out to live my life like its an RPG. In game, I love to take chances for the promise of the big rewards at the end. I figure I can apply the same logic to real life in the sense of chasing my dreams and the things I want out of life.

My words here are me beginning to this adventure. They are far from perfect and may even ramble a bit, yet as time goes on, and I find my focus these blog posts will improve.

I appreciate you reading this article. Stay tuned for more from living life like an RPG.