Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rolling Initiative

Good Morning March 2nd

I woke up this morning and immediately rolled initiative. The result a '6', so I go first. Up and into the shower. I then rolled my save against conformity. As a level 2 Ranger I needed a 14 to save and as luck would have it I rolled an '11'. Darn, I am forced to shave and conform to society.  

About 20 minutes later I am ready to set off on my mission. A 60 mile trek to the dungeon of corporate America. At the 10 mile mark I rolled a save against stupid drivers. Success a '16' and the road clears in front of me.

As I near one of the larger cities on my journey I roll again against radar delays. Wow a '17' I am on a roll and the traffic speeds up after clearing the radar area.

A short time later I switch from the primary trail to a secondary trail which will take me the majority of the way to my destination. On this trail, travelers can opt to pay the electronic guardian to ride in the path of least resistance.

I roll to save against tolls and I fail miserably. A '4' gets me a $9.25 toll to traverse the 16 miles left on this trail. Though the cost pays off and about 18 minutes later I am merging to the last and smaller trail. I arrive at my destination about 9 minutes later.

Well I have made it to my objective. In the coming hours I will start activities and perform tasks which will soon render many gold pieces. This ends this round and it is now time to roll initiative.

Stay tuned.............

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