Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hi everyone!

Well, today I want to write about podcasting. A friend and I recorded our first podcast last Saturday. We are in the process of editing the podcast and when finished I will post it here as well as a few other places.

I am really excited about podcasting because I am starting this with a good friend and we had a lot of fun doing it. I know I am just another person amongst probably millions of other, however, I am drawn to content creation and I hope to make it a career.

So this evening I made an investment in a product called, "Pamela". Pamela is a Skype call recorder with a ton of bells and whistles. Yet it is only about $28 and the best part it just works. It allows you to record in many formats depending on the type of editing you want to do post recording.

My friend and I record in .wav format so we can do custom editing. We are in the process of trying out a few different tools which are Reaper and Audacity. Both have their pros and cons, though at this point I think Audacity is going to win out.

As far as the podcast itself we plan to record once a week. We will discuss a host of topics from business, politics, technology, and of course games, more specifically role-playing games. Our plan is to have fun and see where it goes. We will have an outline but other than that we will be free-form.

We plan to add live shows, Twitter feeds for Q&A and video down the road. We want to also include the audience where we will bring in guests via Skype. These shows will feature panel discussions in what we hope will be fun, interactive, and educational.

So I invite everyone to stay tuned over the next few weeks as we launch our podcast. Also, we are still looking for a name if you have any ideas or suggestions leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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